As an artist of Sardinian ceramics, each of his crafted pieces provide a profound and never predictable reflection between object and space that host them, so the materials and colors of his birthplace burst into each of his creations. The craftsmanship is a medium between the object and its staging as a product of art.

Methods and Techniques

Craftsmanship is just a complex of knowledge that assists the craftsperson in making objects. There are forms that develop in certain places, with specific characteristics and their own symbology, while talking about tradition and typical ceramics could be a limitation to Fabio Frau’s expressiveness.

Specialized in modeling, he makes molds and molding by casting. It uses the pottery wheel and has an electric oven that reaches one thousand hundred degrees with a capacity of 60X75X60 centimeters.


Realizzazione in ceramica di
Realizzazione in ceramica di Fabio Frau.

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