BAM Nuoro, the poetics of the object. From the four-generation of carpentry to the metal design workshop of the brothers Andrea and Vittorio Bruno. In these settings, experimentation and research are the guidelines of each artifact created, as long as it tells a story and tastes of Sardinia.

Methods and Techniques

In their creations the tradition of Sardinian craftsmanship is never bold and the folkloric symbolism never exhibited. However, Sardinia is a tangible presence in the colors, materials and stories that are expressed as a synthesis and simplification of each BAM object and the articulation of two worlds, one past, the other present and contemporary.

The attention to detail is revealed in the manual finishing of chisels, engravings and inlays and in the ability for all types of welding, continuous wire, tig and electrode that the two brothers perform in their workshop.
They use a hydraulic press for bending pistons with a capacity of twenty tons and a press brake with a width of two meters (extendable with the side knives) to bend up to 5-6 mm thick.
Collaborations with other local artisans or small businesses have made it possible to expand their collection using lasers, 3D printers and water cutting; today they are amongst the great interpreters of iron, steel and weathering steel, also internationally.

Le arti metalliche dei fratelli Andrea e Vittorio Bruno - BAM Nuoro
Le arti metalliche dei fratelli Andrea e Vittorio Bruno - BAM Nuoro

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