Mariantonia Urru

Two glances on weaving and only one progeny, the one of Mariantonia Urru weaver of Samugheo. At the outset, her story is common to that of many other Sardinian women who learn to weave to make their own wedding trousseau, followed by the shift desired by her four sons, who took over the enterprise radically transforming it: from the product lines embellished by new avant-garde collaborations with international designers, to marketing and promotion on foreign markets.

Methods and Techniques

The experimentation of different techniques used in a single product represents the real revolution in weaving that the enterprise led by Mariantonia Urru enacts successfully in the world. The pibiones (the grains of thread that protrude from the surface to create a design) are combined with the litzos technique, in which the longitudinal threads that form the warp alternate with the longitudinal threads that create the weft. Wool, linen and cotton form the so-called tramone, on which the designers’ visions take form.

With the pibiones technique produced on the horizontal loom, heavy fabrics from 5 to 10 mm can be created, while the flat technique is a lighter fabric from 3 to 5 mm, with a linear texture that also combined with the littos, always create new and original backgrounds.

In the workshop located in Samugheo, semi-mechanical, horizontal and vertical looms are used, in which the stitches are hand-picked by the weaver while the batting is mechanically assisted.

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