Antonello Utzeri

Antonello Utzeri hand weaves wood in Villaputzu, creates Sardinian baskets and other common products according to traditional craft techniques, but it was the meeting with stylists and designers that led him to win the first prize at the Design Award in 2015 with the installation i Nidi, giving a new life to his production, today being much sought after in different geographical markets.

Methods and Techniques

To cane wood and olive wood, rustic and resistant, Antonello Utzeri has incorporated and experimented the use of new materials linked to the territory: the willow has its roots on the banks of the Flumendosa and the myrtle gives persistent aromas to the pieces. The technique with 1 or more woods used by Utzeri respects some essential rules: the cutting of the materials must never take place during the sprouting phase, the cut wood must be handled within 10 days, and the willow, if peeled from the bark, must be stored in the water until its use.

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