2022 Edition

Reconnect with the space and the environment for a new ethic of living.

The first edition of the Sardegna Design Award invites participants to discuss and challenge the design of urban street objects to re-interpret their shape and function. Starting from a careful observation of the territory and expanding on the theme of Sardinian culture and craftsmanship, the submissions must be able to propose contemporary design solutions, creative and sustainable ideas and to interpret new models for a people-oriented city and environment, whether the world it inhabits.

Submission times and process

The documents must be received anonymously by the 30th of November 2022, with Italian and English contents on the downloadable tables found in the award call.
Table 1 must contain the overview of the proposal, inclusive of the general idea of ​​the object in the context of its purpose, the category of craftsmanship and the cultural reference. Table 2 must contain the technical drawings (plans, elevations, sections, axonometric views, details, etc.), the choice of materials and sustainable processes for production. Table 3 must contain the rendering or photo of the object model represented. Rules and regulations are included in the award call, which must be downloaded and read and followed carefully.


The design competition is aimed at architects, craftspeople, students, designers and creatives who want to participate in the design of urban and rural objects by interpreting new research models related to Sardinian culture and craftsmanship.

To connect the participants with Sardinian culture and support the design projects, it is possible to check out the available video interviews of the artisans of stone, wood, metals, textiles and ceramic, available at this link.

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