Su Trobasciu

A female-only enterprise respecting the ancient textile tradition of an archaic Sardinia, to which women dedicated themselves from an early age to prepare the twelve sacks of wheat, necessary for the wedding trousseau. The creative genius of the designer Eugenio Tavolara marks the turning point in production: from domestic to entrepreneurial, and from tradition to the first intuitive flashes of innovation in shapes and yarns.

Methods and Techniques

If the ‘pibiones’ weaving technique, in which the grains that evoke the grape, is the most widespread technique in Sardinia, the ‘Bagas’ technique is on the contrary the stylistic sign of Su Trobasciu: a brocade weaving that uses additional colored threads to create the designs in the warp using wool, linen and hemp yarns.

The weaving is performed entirely on traditional looms with manual beat. In the horizontal looms, carpets up to three meters and twenty centimeters in size can be made, while in the vertical ones that do not allow technical variations, the work area is very limited and the variable sizes of the pieces are made in small parts completed with the comb..

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