Think to do, Reflect to create… this is how an olive log is transformed into a trophy with an iconic cut and a Mediterranean scent. Made entirely by hand by our artisans, it aims to provide an example of quality and recognition for the projects that will be selected for the first Sardinia Design Award 2022. Joining the competition not only requires passion and curiosity, but also the knowledge of techniques and materials to be used for each proposal. It means experimenting its ductility and its performance for any external and extraneous strain or condition, calculating the risk factors to avoid solutions that cannot be achieved or that could compromise the final result. It means engaging with the artisans we have interviewed and who will be available for any questions and feedback. Only by being true to this process, we can give shape to ideas.

Special acknowledgments

The Scientific Committee will award a Lifetime Achievement Award and a Pensare per fare, think to do Award to figures or enterprises that have distinguished themselves in the areas of design, creativity and the know-how culture.

Prize pool

The value of the cash prize of the Sardegna Design Award is set at €10,000, divided as follows: half of the sum goes to the winning project (attributable to a single person or a group), the remainder is distributed among the first three placed in the two categories admitted to the competition: professionals and students.
Complete the design award prize pool the trophy and the publications in sector-specific cultural magazines and online platforms for the best six project proposals that are exemplary for the quality of design and sustainable approach, compatibility with craftsmanship processes and attention to cultural aspects of the Sardinian territory.

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